Mona Minkara

Ph.D., Project Director,

Assistant Professor, Department of Bioengineering

Sandra Shefelbine

Ph.D., Project Co-Director,

Professor, Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Farheen Zubair

Project Manager – ALLIED,

College of Engineering, Masters in Information Systems

ALLIED Volunteers


A Grad Student majoring in Information Systems, born in India. I have been in the IT industry for nearly 4 years and want to continue a similar path ahead. Being a techie has been my thing, as playing around with digital data gives me a kick. I have been volunteering with ALLIED from the past 8 months and I love having open discussions on disability-related topics to empower today’s generation. Good fiction is like a ray of sunshine.


I’m Prithvi, a graduate student in the Bioengineering Department. I joined Mink Inc. in Spring ’22 as an Office Access Assistant and have since evolved into the role of an Online Presence and Digital Communications Assistant. I volunteer with ALLIED at Northeastern University because I’m committed to fostering open dialogues about disabilities. Through both in-person and virtual events, I aim to bridge gaps, connect services, and lay the groundwork for future disability-centric programs.


I am a graduate student of Analytics. My interest lies in playing with data. Along with become an excellent Data Engineer, I also want to be  story teller and a writer. I believe in healthy life style and passionate about dogs.


I am a grad student majoring in Biotechnology. I constantly explore various disciplines to broaden my own pursuits integrating a fine science background with data analytics. My current area of interest  is clinical data management, and I enjoy trying new foods from diverse cultures.