Mona Minkara

Ph.D., Project Director,

Assistant Professor, Department of Bioengineering

Sandra Shefelbine

Ph.D., Project Director,

Professor, Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Shana Feggins


ADA Program Manager, Human Resources

Elizabeth Janney

Ph.D., Project Manager – ALLIED,

Department of Bioengineering

Joshua Joseph

CAPM®, Project Manager – ALLIED

Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Anxhela Becolli

Logo Designer

Department of Bioengineering

ALLIED Volunteers


Graduate Analytics student, from India. I have been into IT industry for nearly 8 years and being a techie have always enjoyed playing around with digital data. During my free time, I enjoy reading and painting. Good fiction is like a ray of sunshine.


Grad Student majoring in Energy Systems passionate about renewable energy and sustainable economic development. Past experience with floods in India made me more conscious towards environmental degradation and exploitation. I’m also a spiritual seeker and I also meditate on a regular basis for clarity and balance. I’m excited to work with people who have a vision and fire inside them for a noble cause which benefits the humanity


I am a graduate student of Analytics. My interest lies in playing with data. Along with become an excellent Data Engineer, I also want to be a story teller and a writer. I believe in healthy life style and passionate about dogs.


I am pursuing Analytics at Northeastern Univerisity. Working with data and running analyses are two of my favorite things to do. I formerly worked as a Financial Analyst for NorthernTrust, where I was heavily involved in Corporate Social Responsibility. Each person, I feel, is unique and has diverse abilities to give to humanity.


Meticulous and dedicated Business Executive currently pursuing Master’s in Engineering Management at Northeastern University. I have experience in Business Development, Sales, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, Product Management, CRM, GTM strategy, Growth Strategy, and Analytics.


Graduate student in Engineering Management enthusiastic about launching innovative product to market and make a meaningful difference in consumer’s day-to-day life in developing Countries. Posses proficiency in Business Development, Product lifecycle Management,New product Introduction, Quality Analysis and Growth strategy.


I am presently pursuing a Masters’ in Computer Science at Northeastern University, under the Khoury College of Computer Science. Apart from academics, I love being involved in activities/clubs which are focused on helping and making students’ life easier. During my under-graduation, I was a part of an initiative that was meant to help and provide guidance for students to help them face their job interviews. I love being a volunteer and a part of the ALLIED project.


I am a grad student majoring in Biotechnology. I constantly explore various disciplines to broaden my own pursuits integrating a fine science background with data analytics. My current area of interest is clinical data management, and I enjoy trying new foods from diverse cultures.